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Diversity in the 21st Century

26 May 2017 | Added Value

Three lessons brands can learn about diversity from the entertainment industry to become a real driver of change

FragmentNation 2016: From color blind to color brave

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

Brands must be brave about social issues that minorities care about.

Brands Lean in to Diversity

02 Aug 2016 | Leslie Pascaud

Brands across categories and countries are grappling with how to address cultural issues such as race and identity.

The Key to Connecting with Health Conscious Chinese

26 Oct 2015 | dimitropoulosp

Culturally tuned brands are interacting with consumers in new ways, places and moments by telling stories that are part of culture.

TV Land's Dukes of Hazzard Slippery Slope

20 Jul 2015 | spalacios

How do we understand, address and experience our past?

Ethnic Relations Are the 'Best They Ever Have Been', Which Is Why There Is So Much Acute Tension

06 Feb 2015 | spalacios

The rise in, and cultural acceptance of. inter-ethnic relationships is just one signal that things have changed for the better.

The Revival of African Aesthetics

19 Nov 2014 | leshiloth

African aesthetic may be the very next big thing

Hispanics Seeking Hispanics at the Movies?

27 Aug 2014 | spalacios

Stephen Palacios asks are Hispanics seeking Hispanics at the movies?

Millennial Latinas Are Optimistic And Tweet About It

15 May 2014 | Added Value

Millennial Latinas see themselves finding much greater professional and financial success than their parents.

Cheerios Embraces Ethnic Norm Shifting, But There Are Brand Missteps

07 Feb 2014 | spalacios

As the dust settles on this year’s SuperBowl ads, what can brands learn from ethnic norm shifts?

ANA Multicultural Marketing Thought Leadership Forum Hosted by MillerCoors

14 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Stephen Palacios, speaker at the ANA Multicultural Marketing Thought Leadership Forum hosted by MillerCoors

The Super Bowl Ads Where Ethnic Elbowed In

14 Feb 2013 | martinrp

One way we might judge this year’s Super Bowl ads is by how much they reflect a total-market view of the world.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

30 Jan 2013 | martinrp

Today in the United States the problem is that kids would more than likely be fatherless, and more and more Maria’s are having children without getting married.

Efficiency or Effectiveness?

10 Dec 2012 | martinrp

What Do Bicultural Hispanic Women Want…and Why Should You Care?

18 Apr 2012 | Daniela Rubio

Bicultural Hispanic women are fully capable of navigating between two cultures and thriving in them. These characteristics are what make this group so unique and interesting.

What the real growth of Spanish speakers (not the relative growth) means to Media reach and effectiveness

09 Mar 2012 | Miguel Winebrenner

Miguel Gomez Winebrenner asks what the real growth of Spanish speakers (not the relative growth) means to Media reach and effectiveness

Enter the Dragon

01 Feb 2012 | Added Value

As the economic might of China grows, so too does the ambition of Chinese brands to expand internationally.

Let's Revisit Good Intentions

16 Sep 2011 | martinrp

Hispanic Cyberstudy 2010

30 Jan 2011 | Added Value

New Research Defines Cultural Openness and its Impact on Marketing Strategy

13 Jan 2011 | Added Value

Edelman Hosts Cheskin Added Value and The Futures Company Panel Discussion on the Influence of Ethnic Identity on Consumer Behavior.