ESOMAR Congress: Insights to Bring Brands ALIVE!

02 Jul 2014|Added Value

In 2013 Pernod Ricard embarked upon a journey to implement a highly actionable approach to insights, framed in the spirit of the company’s belief in building “passion” brands with deep connections to consumers.

The resulting 5-step process, called ALIVE, is a set of homegrown best practices and tools that help put insights at the heart of brand development and deliver a stronger ROI. ALIVE was developed in an extremely pragmatic fashion: in the space of just 5 weeks, Pernod Ricard and Added Value audited existing best practices, developed a common insights language and executed an empowerment conference for over 70 team members. One year on, this presentation will outline the benefits and challenges of establishing a shared best practice approach and illustrate the tangible outcomes of this process.

Our team of presenters:

  • Kim Gaspar, Global Research Best Practice Manager, Pernod Ricard, France
  • Mark Whiting, Director, Added Value, France
  • Nathalie De Rochechouart, Global Marketing Development & Insights Director, Pernod Ricard, France
  • Florence Rainsard, Consumer Insight and Research Manager, Pernod Ricard, France

They will present a case study on the challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

Their presentation will take place Tuesday the 9th of September, in Nice, France. Click here to discover the programme.

To register click here.

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Image source: ESOMAR

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