Making Cross Cultural Qualitative Work in a Connected World

29 Oct 2013|Added Value

Sandrine McClure will join a panel of fellow marketers at the ESOMAR qualitative conference in Valencia (Spain) on the 19th of November to discuss the opportunities and challenges of cross cultural qualitative research, and explore best practices for making it work.

We live in an increasingly connected world where qualitative researchers face opportunities and challenges in generating insights across borders and cultures. Opportunities abound to extend our reach into developed and emerging markets. Online and mobile extend our reach, giving us the ability to virtually be anywhere at once. Yet, technology cannot erase the unique aspects of local culture, and the dangers of bringing assumptions across cultures can skew our understanding. This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges of cross cultural qual, and explore best practices for making it work.

The “Micro-global, hyper-local” panel discussion will take place from 14.10 to 14.50 on November 19th and will be moderated by Steve August from Revelation, USA.

This ESOMAR conference will also be an opportunity to address the pressure for brands to engage with consumers in smarter ways and the wave of new methodologies that ensued.

To register for the conference, click here.

About Sandrine McClure: She is involved with ESOMAR and received the “Best Paper” award in 2002 and chaired the ESOMAR Qualitative Conference Committee in 2011. Sandrine joined Added Value in 2012 as a Director.

Image Source: ESOMAR

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