Webinar Invitation: Making Sense of Emotions to Build Strong Brands

03 Oct 2013|Added Value

Senses are important because they create emotions and emotions strengthen brands.

Some fast facts on the power of senses:

  • At birth your eyes are about 70% of their adult size, but your nose and ears never stop growing.
  • Touch stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) which is why a mother’s hug for a child’s skinned knee can literally make it better.

Emotionally attractive brands are stronger brands. And when people like a brand, they notice it amongst a mass of competitors.

Participants will be able to understand emotions in more detail and learn why emotions are a key factor in building strong bonds between brands and consumers; why emotions are difficult to measure; and which research methodologies to best use. The techniques covered by Mark will be quantitative and qualitative, and will include innovative new approaches.

On completion, participants should have a good understanding of:

  • Why emotions are difficult to measure
  • How to measure emotions
  • The importance of emotions in brand choice

Mark Whiting, Director at Added Value, will present this webinar for the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS).

Date: Tuesday 26 November, 2013
Time: This webinar is taking place at 4.30 pm Sydney time (Australia), 6.30 am Central European Time.
It will last one hour.

To register, click here.

Mark Whiting is a Director at Added Value. He is an expert in luxury and brand strategy development, innovation and creativity based on cultural insights. He headed the Global Research team at Moët Hennessy (LVMH) before joining Added Value in 2010 as a Director.

The Australian Market & Social Research Society Limited (AMSRS) is a not-for-profit professional membership body of over 2,000 market and social research professionals who are dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research in Australia. The Society assists members to develop their careers by heightening professional standards and ethics in the fields of market and social research.


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