Follow the Thing

26 Sep 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Ever wondered where the things that you consume come from?

We were all shocked with the revelation that our meat products contained up to 100% horse meat. And, with the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh- that our clothes were made in such treacherous conditions. With this in mind, the website ‘Follow the Things’ seeks to uncover the commodity chains of diverse objects.

The website is a repository for discussions, articles and documentaries on objects as far ranging as grocery, fashion, electrical items and health and beauty.  It pulls apart the provenance, working conditions involved in manufacturing, and the biographies of everyday objects.


‘Follow the Things’ aims to re-establish a relationship to the things that we consume. When we hold things in our hands, the journey is often disguised. Take a look at the website, and explore the journey of objects -from the exotic hair extensions to the mundane tennis ball.


Image sources: Follow the Things and Guardian

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