A Foil for the Magical

21 Aug 2013|Cultural Insight Team

An exhibition currently at the Faggionato Fine Art Gallery showcases the work of Yoshihiro Suda. His work is beautiful, yet extraordinary simple. He painstakingly carves weeds out of wood, transforming the everyday into the spectacular (above). Suda’s work offers a space for contemplating craft and the skilled hand of the craftsman. In the gallery, Suda’s weeds sprout between paving stones, hide behind a radiator, or find a forgotten corner of the floor.

The scale of these weeds incites wonder as you must get down on the floor to inspect them as they inconspicuously ‘grow’ in the gallery space. Suda’s project is to hide craft behind the object, to stop an object looking handmade and deceive the viewer. Another craftsman playing with the everyday as the site of the spectacular is Arturo Erbsman . His polar lights and snow mesh capture the magic of snow and ice – and entice the viewer to pay more attention to the natural world.


Suda’s and Erbsman’s work reveal the magical in the everyday. Craftsmanship here is not admired for its skill or endeavour – instead it entices wonder and asks for your attention.

Image sources: galerialeme.com and artuoerbsman.com

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