06 Aug 2013|Cultural Insight Team

It was once the publishing house, ad agency and graphic design firm. Then it was the furniture design space and indie record label. But now, the best place to get a real sense of what the ‘it’ job is for today’s youth is romantic comedies. Nothing paints so endearing a picture of exactly what profession will make our hearts swoon – with its blend of creativity (that pays), good-intentioned love of one’s vocation and eclectic gaggle of quirky comrades – as the modern romantic comedy.

It’s seems the craft brewery is next on the list.

'Drinking Buddies' (
‘Drinking Buddies’ (

May I introduce ‘Drinking Buddies,’ a hoppy romp through late-twenties, early thirties stop-and-go-mance from Joe Swanberg. Craft brewing is unassailably cool, due in no small part to beards and flannel. And girls who love beer are probably what girls that have tattoo sleeves were five years ago. So yes, we can see why the small batch brewery would be an aspirational career move.

It seems to have a finely tuned appeal to the male audience.  At the risk of invoking a stereotype, beer is a subject close to the heart of the average male consumer.  But, additionally, the craft brewer as a character type balances the accessibility of ‘everyman’ with the potential alienation of ‘highly skilled craftsmen’ quite evenly.

We wonder, what’s next?

Coming soon – ‘Found,’ the story of a hapless Freegan forager running a faltering bistro in a faltering part of Detroit who meets a Scandi chef who has lost her Michelin stars and her way.  Turns out the only thing not locally-sourced is love…

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