Made of Steel

01 Aug 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Hornbach is one of the leading retail companies in the DIY market. They use wicked ideas in their outrageous advertising. The latest comes from Germany, where this summer Hornbach has reinvented the hammer. They built this common household tool out of a very special material: steel from a retired Soviet tank.

From Hornbach Baumarkt's Facebook page
From Hornbach Baumarkt’s Facebook page

They promoted it with this video of the creation process (and perfectly chosen background music). 

This special origin of the tool created a huge buzz, especially as it was released in very limited numbers – 7000 hammers worldwide. While the campaign was only shown in Germany, some collectors crossed the ocean to get this piece of steel for their tool collection.

Now, these rare tools are distributed in far-flung places – from islands in the North Sea, to a cruise ship on the Danish coast, to a sex shop in the famous Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s ‘red-light district’. People who still desire this macho tool are now challenged to go on little adventures to find them.

It’s a strong example of how an iconic, historical object – embedded with a trace of its former life – can be repurposed, retaining its allure, to capture the imagination of historical enthusiasts.

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