Colleges As Consumer Marketers

01 Aug 2013|Added Value

The advent of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, has been heralded as huge disruptive change in education, and the industry is simultaneously worried and fascinated by this new approach to learning. MOOCs are seen by many as the future of education, with some even proclaiming, “It’s MOOC or die!” It’s easy to get excited about MOOCs as a lot about higher ed feels due for some major transformation, but the reality is there has been mixed success with MOOCs. However, one thing for sure is that MOOCs have spurred active discussions about our education system.

As we started to think more about MOOCs and what they mean for our clients, we explored possible future outcomes. We hypothesized that education is headed down the path of the music industry where disaggregation of content changed the game for record labels. That got us to thinking, what if colleges acted more like labels? How would this change their business models? What are the implications for schools as the concept of ‘higher education’ rapidly evolves? And last, could MOOCs force colleges to act more like consumer marketing companies?

Click here to view our presentation: The Future of Higher Education 2013 from The Added Value Group

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