Bucharest not Budapest

25 Jul 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Many things in life are confusing. And geography is no exception. One of the most common name mix-ups made by geographically-challenged citizens of the world is between Bucharest (capital of Romania) and Budapest (capital of neighbouring country, Hungary).

To make this mistake in a pub quiz can be slightly embarrassing, but other slip-ups remain unforgettable – MJ, the King of Pop, greeted thousands of fans in 1990 with “Good Evening, Budapest!” Next, Iron Maiden made the same mistake. Lenny Kravitz couldn’t get away from it either. And Metallica remain unforgiven.

The funniest story comes from Bilbao Atletico Club’s football supporters who flew – all 400 of them – to support their team in Bucharest, but ended up in Budapest instead. They watched the game on TV, drinking Hungarian beer.

Finally, a Romanian brand picked up the story. ROM chocolate uses the colours of the national flag as its brand identity and uses patriotic stories in communication campaigns. They came up with a website and a funny tutorial, teaching us all how to tell the capitals apart and be no longer citizens of …Wrongaria.


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