Podcast: Refresh Your Brand or Perish

29 May 2013|Added Value

During this podcast presented by the American Marketing Association, Maggie Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Added Value North America will discuss the most culturally vibrant brands.

Listen to the podcast here: Refresh your brand or perish

Marketers are beginning to question whether having a deep understanding of their category and consumer is enough. In an increasingly shrinking, hyper-connected and fast-moving world, brand stewards need to absorb and anticipate – if not drive – the social and cultural currents of the time to stay relevant, and ensure their ideas, solutions, expressions and innovations stay ahead of the curve.

This isn’t about passionately or provocatively diving into the cultural conversation. Brands need to be genuine and stay true to their roots, but refresh themselves in ways that are culturally relevant.
But how exactly do you connect with something as amorphous as ‘culture’? And how do you know when you’re doing it right? For the last three years Added Value has been measuring how successfully brands are connecting with the zeitgeist. In 2013, we spoke to 62,150 people in 10 countries about 160 brands, and measured the brands’ VIBE – that’s how Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting they are – to see how well they’re tapping into cultural trends. The change in a brand’s VIBE over time is its Cultural Traction™. If traction is decreasing, the brand is falling out of step and faces trouble, if it’s increasing the brand has its finger on the right pulse and may be destined for greater things. It’s one thing to be a culturally vibrant brand in one part of the world. It’s another to radiate that vibrancy at high amplitude across the world. It means the brand has not only tapped into global shifts in values and attitudes, but also expressed itself and engaged people in ways that resonate culturally on a local level.

So what makes a winner? View the full interactive results of the Cultural Traction Study, download case studies, and learn more about cultural VIBE today.

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Photo credits: Added Value.

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