Added Value On CNBC World News: Archetypes And Brand Identity

03 Jun 2010|Added Value

North America CEO Maggie Taylor was recently interviewed by US News CNBC about a report on using archetypes in research and brand identity development.

View the interview below:

Archetype theory says that all characters can be understood relative to a universal system of 12 personality types*. For centuries archetypes have been used by writers, philosophers and psychologists to make sense of the variations in human personality traits.

Carl Jung was among the first modern psychologists to apply archetype theory. Inspired by his work, we have created a simple, culturally consistent tool called CharacterLab, to classify these personality types and apply them to uncovering any brand’s positioning and character.

As it is rare that people’s personalities are pure expressions of a single archetype, our model employs a secondary archetype to give depth and distinction to a brand’s personality.  A ‘Ruler Explorer’ for example, would be a different type of leader than a ‘Ruler Outlaw’.

CharacterLab delivers three distinct solutions:

  • it reveals what your archetype foundation actually is, its relative strength/consistency, and how distinct it is from your competition.
  • It enables you to create new or alternative archetype directions for your brand
  • And it allows you to test creative development and communication, before activation, to determine if it’s on archetype or not.

Added Value has used archetypal theory to guide the development of global brands for Nestle, SABMiller and Vodafone. In 2008 we won a coveted WPP WPPED Cream award for the development of the tool, which was originally called the archetype game.

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*The 12 archetypes:



Image credit: CNBC

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