Added Value and eBay explore Italian homes

14 Apr 2010|Added Value

In March this year our Italian office conducted a study for eBay on what Italians do with their unused clothing and technological devices.

The original idea was to understand just how much unused material there was lying around in Italians’ homes and to explore people’s inclination to sell this material.

In brief, the study revealed that Italians own a lot of unused stuff that is still up-to-date and in working order.  But they weren’t used to thinking about these goods in material terms and largely hadn’t considered ‘recycling’ them into the market.

Once invited to imagine re-selling this material (for example on the Internet) some very interesting earning prospects emerged:  an average of 140 € for clothes and an average of 160 € for hi-tech devices.  When multiplied by the universe of reference, the sums started to seriously add up.

The report generated a lot of interest, specifically in the sociological and economic insight it uncovered, and was featured on one of Italy’s premier news channels, TG5.  Added Value Italy’s director, Andrea Parachini was also interviewd by Radio 24 and Radio Capital.

For more information, contact Andrea Parachini

View the TG5 News coverage here (in Italian):

Listen to the interview on Radio Capital here (in Italian):  Radio Capital interview with Andrea Parachini

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