Communication: Tracking

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We mine the past to inform the future. And make its home our clients’ boardrooms. Proof to us that we are on the right track.

Lewis Carroll famously wrote that, “It’s a funny kind of memory that only works backwards.”

And yet some people still think of tracking as just a “system” for monitoring the impact of previous activity, in the light of previous events. That’s a big investment in a history lesson. Shouldn’t your biggest research investment deliver more than a history lesson?

Let’s take a step back. A brand is what a brand does, right? What it says, but where it says it, too. On day-time television or in Times Square.  Where you find it: in a big department store or online.  Who uses it: my mom or no-one. What people are scribbling about it. In newspapers, magazines, blogs. And all of this filtered through a lens called life: America elects Obama. The Great Recession. Heat-wave hits London. Slum Dog sweeps the Oscars. MJ and Farrah pass on same day. All these “inputs” document the past, but they can illuminate the future, too.

We think of tracking as foresight. We stream insight, opinion and information from a diverse array of cultural, consumer and competitor-generated sources. We interrogate and distill it. Some of it makes no sense. Much of it creates the sense from the primary data we are charged with understanding. We use it to explain the present, structure the future and to identify opportunities for your brand to course-correct.

You would expect our approach to be informed by the latest advances in neuroscience and quantitative analytics. It is. You’d expect us to scour the data; look behind it, around it, underneath it, beyond it, from multiple perspectives to discover what is truly happening. We do. And you would expect our work to help you achieve your marketing and brand development goals. It does.

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