Communication: Touchpoint Connectivity

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

Our ‘Connectivity’ approach involves digging deeper beyond media habits to understand consumer’s lives, category needs, media touch-points, motivations and mindsets.

We mine for rich insights and facilitate cross functional team learning and the generation of inspirational and impactful platforms for holistic communication planning that will help grow your brand and business.

The days of automatically briefing a 30sec TV spot or a simple media plan for TV and print are long gone now. Marketers now face a plethora of on and off-line media options, increasingly distracted consumers and finite resources to spend. Making the right media and communication planning decisions has never been more challenging.

Many seek to navigate the confusion with a detailed understanding of media habits. But that’s not sufficient. Brilliant ads and inventive media plans are futile if messages are delivered in places and at times when consumers are just not interested.

Our solution is a flexible collaborative process involving clients and their agency partners working together to gather rich consumer insights that provide a springboard for the generation of big, inspiring media and communication planning ideas with multiple applications across relevant touch-points. We call this approach ‘Connectivity’.

Our team of skilled ethnographic specialists and expert facilitators works closely with clients and their agency partners to deliver connectivity insights. We believe effective communication ideas and holistic media plans need to spring from a deep understanding of WHO you’re trying to reach (their life and context, values, aspirations, brand perceptions and category navigation, communication touch-points) as well as WHEN and WHERE (the moments, situations and scenarios) when your message is most likely to resonate.

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