Franchise – Brand Study 2008

16 Oct 2008|Added Value

Published in: Marke 41 edition 4/2008 (Page 80)
Author: Karin Gebhardt
The success story of franchising in Germany began 30 years ago. At that time pioneers were predicted to only achieve a niche position, today Germany has Europe’s highest density of franchise businesses. So franchise is booming. But how can the enormous economic success be explained? What are the key success factors? And which areas still have growth potential? This study conducted by Icon Added Value and Brand Rating draws a comprehensive picture of this sector. Interviews spread across franchisors, franchisees and consumers. Based on this extensive data pool was the platform key drivers for creating value were identified, for the industry as well as for individual companies. What is the awareness level, whom will consumers attest quality and a good price-performance ratio? Who is perceived as innovative and unique? What emotions does a brand arouse among their clients and do they help brands to reach their target audience? And above all, what are necessary and promising areas for improvement for the individual franchisee and franchisor?
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