The Archetype Game

28 Jul 2008|Added Value

Once upon a time a wise man said…

“A brand is a product with a personality”

In many markets it is increasingly hard to carve out tangible product advantage. And even when this is still possible, brands connect much more powerfully with their target when they radiate a personality that the target can empathise with.

The right product, with a strong personality, executed in a culturally contemporary way stands the best chance of all.

Added Value has lots of tools that can be used to help clients craft the right product and product proposition. We use Archetypes as a starting point to help our clients craft the perfect brand personality.

An archetype is a defining example of a personality type and is used to refer to a generic version of a personality.

The use of archetypes to analyse personality was advanced by Carl Jung early in the 20th century. Archetype personalities are considered to be universal and so intuitively understood across cultures. Archetypes are a simple, straightforward, objective and more or less universal way of thinking about personality.

The Added Value Archetype Game helps brand marketers to transform the way they look at their marketing communications and activities.  By intuitively matching words, images and feelings to their archetypes, players reveal the personality their brand is expressing today.

The results can sometimes be unexpected, sometimes quite magical, but most importantly the archetype game always sparks debate and then commitment to action, to make the one voice heard and the personality felt.

We launched the Archetype Game to our clients recently with guest speaker David Erixon, Director of Brand Strategy & Manifestation, Vodafone Global Brand Team, Global Marketing. He talked about Vodafone’s experience of using the Archetype Game across several different markets, creating real impact.

Developing a bespoke version of the game for Vodafone, we used it as part of a wider programme to align the positioning of the mobile network’s local brands to the global brand, following steady expansion and several new overseas acquisitions.

For more information on how the Archetype Game can help your brand, contact us.


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