Steve Diller Explains Conscious Capitalism on

03 Jun 2008|Added Value

Steve Diller, co-author of Making Meaning: How Successful Businesses Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiences tells the story of a cement company in Mexico City as an example of socially conscious capitalism that is not limited to affluent communities with disposable income.

This highlight is part of Conscious Capitalism Part Two with panelists Nathan Shedroff, Lisa Gansky, Steve Diller, and Michael Depatie. Kevin O’Malley, CWC Business & Leadership Forum Producer, moderates the discussion.

Panel topic description:
Why are there 50 varieties of toothpaste on grocery store aisles? How does this fit into the world’s heightened awareness of the need for sustainable business practices, and our own growing individual needs for self-actualization and meaning? Leaders in business, design and innovation will debate why a deeper understanding of human nature needs to be central to a 21st century business strategy and how it can challenge people’s attitudes toward consumerism.

Click here to watch the full panel discussion.

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