So What?

05 Feb 2007|Added Value

In this morning’s Monday Morning Must Read, courtesy of Core77, one of B.L. Ochman’s 12 Tenents of Social Media Marketing was highlighted, …

V. Thy communications must pass the “who cares?” test

Abandon ye all communications that are long-winded, formulaic, boring as hell, and laden with superlatives and marketing babble.

Write down your concept in one sentence. Then ask yourself, and answer honestly, “So what?” If it still sounds like a good idea, proceed to rewrite it, over and over, until it has not one extra word.

I hold this close to my heart and use it every chance I get. But it’s much easier said than done.

Filtering one’s own brilliant ideas using this simple test doesn’t always work – it’s too easy to fall in love with your own work and words and leave it with that catchy comeback, “Because I said so.”

I think the tenent needs to be slightly modified. I’ve never realized the power of “so what” as forcefully as when I’ve used it on someone else. Try saying this to a client, whether they are internal or external, as they promote their concepts. But that is when I’ve seen it make the most difference. And so I request of those around me, please shine a light on my ideas and ask me “So what?” For a marketer, these really are two of the most useful words I know.

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