Help Katrina Victims Now

01 Sep 2005|Darrel Rhea

I have been listening to NPR by day and watching CNN at night, observing the unfolding of the horror in the South wreaked by Katrina. The stories that the reporters have been telling often border on the incredulous. Despite the constant barrage of information and images, sometimes I am almost in denial about it all —could this be happening here? And to our own people? Clearly there are whole cities and towns completely wiped out…and those inhabitants and visitors who have survived are suffering horrifically.

Thanks to an email I received from United Mileage Plus today, I was jogged into remembering that I needed to donate to the relief efforts now underway. I did so immediately, responding by going to the American Red Cross. Some firms are giving in-kind goods, such as Anheuser-Busch donating 825,000 cans of water to the Red Cross. It’s encouraging to see that some outpouring of help is starting to build. I’ve begun noticing other online links to donation sites, such as on the homepages of A9, Amazon and Google. After surfing around, it’s clear that many online retailers and even news organizations aren’t on the bandwagon yet – we all could put up a link on our homepage reminding people that we need to support the victims now, with a link to an appropriate service organization. You can at least click on one of them right here: AmeriCares and Operation USA. Do it now.

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