Getting my blog groove back

27 Jun 2005|Added Value

I’m getting back into managing our Cheskin blog so the pressure is on to refocus on what’s new in the blogosphere. I’ve just spent the last couple hours browsing new places and visiting some old faves. I’d forgotten how useful and how distracting blogs can be.

I was very happy to see that Dina Mehta whom I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago, was given an honorable mention in the AO/Technorati Open Media 100. The list is quite impressive as is Dina’s blog. She very much deserves the honor.

I also found that John Porcaro has been having the same problems as me when it comes to keeping up with blogging. But his most recent blog on Microsoft’s CMG was insightful and very relevant to the work we do with that group.

Via the Open Media 100 list I happily discovered Rebecca Blood and was amused by her post on fingerprint technology for washing machines that won’t allow the same person to use the machine twice. Being a single girl living alone, the scenarios this conjures up are too much. But the idea that our appliances can be a force for change is fascinating (if not frightening).

It’s very much fun to be back in the blogosphere. Now I just have to find the time to get some real work done.

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