Tsunami Speculation

13 Jan 2005|Davis Masten

Words can not describe the depth of the tragedy of the Tsunami. Over time, it will rebuild…

As the long process of reconstruction happens my hunch is that new technology will be commonplace. It is not hard to imagine a rebuilt world where the hotels all have communication devices. These small waterproof devices could be given to each person as they check in and can go with each person everywhere they go – swimming, water skiing, scuba diving or dancing. These local communication devices could tie together every member of the family with low power walkie talkies, connect everyone to emergency broadcasts and provide GPS for transactional purposes. These could come in the form of necklaces, wristbands, headbands or earrings. The impression would be more one of fashionable go any where communication devices with location and emergency functionality than a straight reminder that people are vacationing in the land of earthquakes and tsunami.

However reconstruction happens I suspect that the infrastructure will be more up to date there than here in Silicon Valley in the next 5-10 years.

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