The simple things

23 Dec 2004|Added Value

Last night when I pulled up in front of my house in Potrero Hill, I was confronted with about half a dozen kids shouting to each other as they stretched a chain of construction paper links down the block. One girl with clear leadership potential stood at the corner yelling orders to her cohorts. Another ran down the block with a stapler, ready for emergency repairs.

A gang of shouting children isn’t something that’s heard on a regular basis at 7pm. I soon learned from the boy that let me pass over the chain to my front door, that it took eight kids two and half hours to create the 3-block long paper chain. It stretched from Goat Hill Pizza on one corner, encircling the block to Chatz Coffee on the corner just below it.

A little later, the kids were gone but the chain remained, lying quietly along the sidewalk. Leaving my house, I ran into some other neighbors who laughingly warned me to be careful – they were “guarding the chain.”

This morning, the chain was gone. But in its place were numbers chalked along the sidewalk – 735, 760, 800 and finally 935! with a big exclamation point.

It didn’t take cutting edge digital technology to inspire creativity and entertain. Nor did we need a major crisis, a petition or an event planner to create a sense of community in my corner of the City. It just took eight kids and a stack of colored paper to remind us that it’s the simple things that can bring us together and create true joy.

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