Ghost Blogging

22 Aug 2004|Darrel Rhea

One of the things I like most about blogs is the immediacy and authenticity I get from being connected directly to people and their experience. So I was disappointed to hear a campaign manager say off record that the blogs of her well known candidate were not actually written by him. They are based on his experiences and ideas, and well, he edits them occasionally

Too bad. His blogs are juicy, contemporary sonnets, tightly constructed, with just a touch of wit and plenty of intelligence. The type you read and say, “Dang, this person is smart and cool.” Now I learn that it is just another form of media to help position the candidate. It has become a writing exercise for a pro that is operating from a creative brief, mixing up the right balance of values and principles, personality and humility, tone and manner.

In the same conversation it was suggested that I might consider having my blogs “punched up” by a professional writer. My response was…”Gee, why not just hire a fiction writer to start inventing my biography? Why don’t I just hire a writer to do all of my personal correspondence? Why not just write press releases rather than blogs!?”

A quick scan indicates that this is becoming a more common practice among corporate executives and even John Kerry. While I can accept that this is the way it is gonna be, I don’t have to like it…

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