Work Here #4

02 Aug 2004|Jennifer Grey

Nothing works for everybody. I know that. Which is why I’m so grateful to have a job that works for me. Read that sentence again. It’s vitally important.

I love to work but I’m not always great at it. Sometimes work becomes this giant mirror for all the things I’m not good at. I can’t seem to swing getting in at the same time each day. I have a hard time when everybody doesn’t wildly embrace my exceptional ideas :). The list could go on, but I’ll exercise restraint.

But you know what? Cheskin is a company that understands how to match people to the work they do best. I can pretty confidently say I’m good at a whole bunch of stuff. I can quickly assimilate information and formulate direction on the fly. I can conceptualize new visions and implement a plan to get there. I’m fair. The list could go on, but I’ll exercise humility :).

I LOVE what Cheskin does. I go out of my way to think about what our clients need now, what they’ll need in five years, and how we can best help. It may include marketing, it may include employee training, it may include hiring different people with emerging skills. In some cases, I don’t yet know what it means, but man, I have fun thinking about it.

Right now, we need somebody else who wants to feel the way I do. It’s a dirty word for so many people — a (shhh), salesperson. Oh be quiet. If you love to sell and you love what Cheskin does, then call me. I’m still not entirely sure what I want to hire this time around, but here are a few of the things I’m looking for — consumer goods and services background; supply side and client side marketing consulting and consumer research experience; a good track record selling – not that you ‘think’ you can sell, but that you’ve been there and you’ve done it. Be ready to make a noise in the market. I want somebody who gets jazzed at the idea of building through selling and loves to problem solve. The bar is high on this one. Send an email or a resume to

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