A Powerful Presence

01 Jun 2004|Added Value

As you might have noticed via Jennifer’s posts or our careers page, we’re hiring a lot of people lately. I sat in a meeting this morning with a number of these new people. In fact three of them – Michelle Vasquez, Alyson Madrigan and Julie Norris – just started today.

At Cheskin we have a set of design principals, one of which is “be a powerful presence.” All of us are expected to embody this value in some way, however those of us in senior positions here are specifically charged with being strong voices of leadership. Yet as I sat in this morning’s meeting I was overcome (or I should say, overjoyed) by the powerful presence of my newer colleagues.

I sat unusually quiet as I listened to the great ideas and discussion around brand vs. design strategy. While it’s supposed to be a trait of a smart manager to hire people more talented than themselves, it’s a very humbling experience when you’re in the midst of all of them. It’s going to be hard to get used to, but I’ll happily give my vocal chords a rest and leave it to my new colleagues to distinguish themselves. They’re clearly already doing an amazing job.

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