A new form of search as the killer app

02 Apr 2004|Added Value

Lots of folks have talked about the idea that search is the killer app for the internet. It’s made a huge amount of data more easily accessible to most of us, and it’s certainly made the folks at Google very wealthy. Here’s a new spot where search is the killer app for me–my desktop files.

I blogged recently on the benefits of Microsoft OneNote. One of the compelling things that has happened to me while using that app is the fact that it’s basically replaced the note pad I’ve carried around with me everywhere my entire career. OneNote has done this through providing digital note pads and post-it notes, but the really interesting thing so far is the search function.

The search function has allowed me to get all of my random notes, thoughts, tidbits and junk organized–something that I was never even remotely able to do with my old paper note pad. And OneNote does this even though I’ve done next to nothing in terms of organizing my files in there. The search is so effective and useful that I can find stuff in there easily even though my OneNote folders are about as well organized as my closet was when I was a teenager (i.e., not at all with everything just flung in there).

So, a new home for the idea of search as the killer app. In many ways, this is more important than web searches for me since I spend so much more time with these files than I do searching for stuff on the web.

Now if I could just find something that will help me with my garage…

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