It Takes All Kinds

20 Feb 2004|Jennifer Grey

People assume hiring is a slam dunk in this economy. When you pursue people who have “it”, the economy doesn’t matter. Good people demand a lot of prospective employers. The best know as much as they can about us before they send a resume. They have an artfully crafted approach to finding out exactly what we are looking for and if Cheskin will work for them.

Call them stars, high achievers, top performers– I prefer to call them Maria Flores Letelier, Carlos Ordonez, LiAnne Yu, Terri Ducay, Ingrid Riley and Jenny Daley. Each kept us on our toes. We had to prove how they’d do their best work, if our culture is how we describe it, and whether or not clients will present challenges they’re ready for.

It worked. We have two senior marketing strategists who know the Hispanic market inside and out, a bi-lingual ethnographer, a seasoned creative director, an ad agency refugee with a passion for kids and trends, and a newly minted MBA. More importantly, we have an engaging storyteller, a Brazilian-restaurant owner, a fly-fisherwoman, a talented photographer, a subject of a Diane Sawyer news special and an active Taproot volunteer.

Let’s just say that the cocktail hour ’round here has been really interesting…

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