This day owes us nothing

12 Feb 2004|Christoper Ireland

This title is a quote sent to me by Miguel after a day of “business meeting skiing.” Let me explain…we work very hard at Cheskin. I don’t think it’s maniacal, but when your company’s well-being depends on highly satisfied clients, you can’t cruise. So to keep from becoming very dull, we try to integrate “play” when ever we can.

One of my favorite combinations is a day of skiing with a day of meetings. Five or six of us pile into Glenn’s SUV about 5AM and head to Squaw. Glenn can get there in about 4 hours, during which we discuss topics that normally would be on our agenda that day. We ski from about 10AM-4PM, then pile back in the car and talk for another couple of hours before we completely burn out. The agenda changes based on who’s in the car, but it’s always significant and useful.

This particular day was spectacular for many reasons. Our beloved colleague, Gail, was back from a sabbatical and we just enjoyed being around her. Miguel (equally enjoyable) sold a new project while taking cross-country skiing lessons from a fellow drummer. The weather was superb and there was more snow than I’ve seen in 30 years. Hence, Miguel’s sentiment, “It was one of those days that, at its conclusion, you could truly say, ‘this day owes us nothing.’ Fabulous”.

Yes, we could have added about $500 to our bottom line if we didn’t do this. And yes, it’s hard to find a way to be fair and inclusive with this type of activity. But neither of these costs compare to the benefits of a day when work and play combine effortlessly.

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