Marketing for Geeks

26 Sep 2003|Christoper Ireland

One thing I have always loved and respected about good software engineers (affectionately known as geeks) is their beautifully clean and elegant thinking. Here’s simple proof of what I mean: see how Eric Sink explains marketing in his post Marketing for Geeks.

I’ve been a marketer for 25 years. I’ve read just about every decent marketing book, spent countless hours with marketing gurus and generally thought about the topic nearly every day of my career. I look at Eric’s simple definitions and clear advice and think “yep–this just about covers it all whether you’re a CEO or an intern.” Just as importantly, I can tell he really understands the topic because he’s explaining it in terms that his audience can understand and find relevant to their particular view of the world (a big flaw with most marketing books). Even if you’re not a software engineer and even if you think you know marketing, read Eric’s blog. It’s well written, engaging and a very good example of how clear thinking always precedes truly influential communication.

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