Intuitive marketing

17 Sep 2003|Added Value

I’m part of a committee that plans events for the San Francisco chapter of a large non-profit design organization (AIGA). I do it mainly for the fun of being among young creatives and keeping a hold of my graphic design roots. The committee has grown quite large and at last night’s meeting there were easily 15 people, all graphic designers – most fresh out of school, freelancing, or settled in small design studios. We spent the evening brainstorming future events for next Spring.

None of these people had the word “marketing” or “public relations” in their title (other than me). Many would run from any such label. Yet they intuitively knew how to market – how to create relevance, how to promote, how to partner with other organizations for visibility, how to set an appealing price point. The word “marketing” never came up, but it was a strong part of the conversation.

The committee was good at this because they instinctively know their audience – they are the audience. Most of us in corporate marketing don’t have that luxury. It’s the best lesson we can learn though. Intuitively know the customer and marketing becomes intuitive. It’s not rocket science (even if we try to make it that way).

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