Took a break, back with a bang

03 Sep 2003|Added Value

Can’t believe I haven’t touched my blog for over 2 weeks. Last week I was out of the country on vacation, and while the small Costa Rican town I visited seemed to have more Internet cafe stations than people, I still resisted the urge to log in. My primary reason was that I really wanted to observe and absorb what was around me, without having to analyze and report. A real vacation – what a concept 😉

I learned a lot on my trip, but it wasn’t about the latest marketing strategies or online technologies. I learned 4 different Spanish words for beautiful. I learned about a plant you can rub on yourself if you forget your Deet. I learned trust is a concept that extends well beyond protecting my online identity, taking on new meaning when descending in a small plane with no airstrip in sight. I learned that I can forego wearing a watch for a week and still never be late.

Most of all I learned that one of the best ways to gain perspective is to look from a distance.

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