When undergrounds surface

11 Aug 2003|Added Value

I missed the game of Duck Duck Goose in Dolores Park on Saturday. But the fact that the flash mob event was chronicled in the Chronicle is an interesting event in itself. With blogging mainstreaming more and more, and links to the organizing groups published in the national news, what does it take to be underground anymore? And how quick will trend watchers have to be when so many people are monitoring blogs every day?

And speaking of blogs mainstreaming, I’ve met many people lately who follow blogs more closely for their daily news and opinions than formal publications or newsletters. I was chatting at a party on Saturday with a group and the conversation quickly shifted to blogs – “did you read Joichi Ito’s recent blog?” “What did you think of the live blog during the DC conference?” ” I just blogged that last week.” etc. Not one person asked “so what’s a blog?” Yes, these were Silicon Valley people, but they were also VCs and home owners and regular people hanging out at a BBQ.

Blogging has definitely come into its own.

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