On being a conscientious blogger

25 Jul 2003|Added Value

Getting the facts straight in a universe that changes hourly isn’t easy. And as much as I love to blog and find it personally rewarding, I realize that I have a responsibility to be as accurate as I can – or at least put caveats on my posts.

So in the spirit of keeping up, I found out a few things after my last post…

Bloglet isn’t operating anymore. It’s unclear exactly what happened to the developer of the blog subscription app, though this offers a good explanation, but I won’t be adding it to our blogs anytime soon unfortunately.

I grossly underestimated the size of the blogoshere. According to Blogcount, total active weblogs worldwide seem to be closer to 2.5-2.9 million with Blogger claiming about a quarter of that. My estimate of BloggerPro subscribers was rough and not based on info from them, but if anything I underestimated again. It’s still a chunk of change though. I also discovered that subscription rates will be rising a bit. Nevertheless, my original point still holds up.

It also appears that AOL will be offering blogging capability.

Yup, things are changing… fast.

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