Reading the fine print

18 Jul 2003|Added Value

In a news article linked today in Reveries – Virus Viral Marketing – ZDNet reported on a Marketing campaign that uses virus spreading techniques to send email to everyone on a person’s contact list once they view a video clip. Apparently the user agreement stipulates that this will happen, and ActiveX warnings provide another indicator, but who reads those things anyway?

I love what technology can do for marketing. I love what’s taking place in the blogoshere and the tools that are helping me make more people aware of the thinking that goes on in my company. I love that it’s now easy for our audience to get relevant current information from us on their terms. But I’m angered when technology like the above gives internet marketing a bad name.

Regardless of the technology, the goal always must be to put the customer experience first – a great experience with a company or product is the best kind of virus.

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