What's in it for me?

17 Jul 2003|Christoper Ireland

I’ve been amused, irritated, entertained and a host of other emotions as I’ve read about the topic of “corporate blogging” and specifically whether or not blogs can be a marketing tool. I’ll let others figure out if this is the end or the beginning of life as we know it. I have a slightly different perspective.

I initially wanted our company to try blogging simply because it was new. I don’t believe that we can be credible in our jobs if we aren’t personally experiencing the technology we purport to understand. I’ve now progressed beyond thinking corp. blogging is a good experiment. I’m not yet sure what it is, but I enjoy it–both writing my own and reading my colleagues. I’ve learned more about them from their blogs (and these are people I know really, really well) and I’ve found an outlet for expressing parts of my personality that don’t always fit in a board room. My concern about blogging is not whether corp blogs are good or evil–my current question is can I, as a CEO, benefit from others blogs? I don’t have time to spend reading daily blogs about someone’s life. I’m sure many are fascinating, but I have lots of friends and family, and not enough time to spend with them as it is. When I read a blog, I want to learn something.

My first attempt at answering this was to google “blogs, corporate”. That led me to Allen Karl’s Digital Tavern, a lovely rich clean site that instantly tapped me into dozens of posts that I found very helpful. I don’t know Allen, never met the man. But I already like him. I like his voice, but even more important for me in this regard, I value what he publishes. It’s useful and intriguing with a personal side that keeps it from being boring. This is the first blog I’ve found that I will read regularly.

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