No Bull

18 Jun 2003|Added Value

Deloitte Consulting has just recently released a beautiful little software tool they offer for free – Bullfighter. My hat’s off for creating such a great marketing effort. It works – I tried it and plan to continue using it – it’s based on widely accepted solid science. It’s viral (“send and e-card!”). It’s branded. But best of all it is perfectly tied into their positioning. My guess is that every page on their site scores a nearly perfect 10 using this tool. More importantly, it is a beautifully executed, tangible metaphor for their straight-talk approach.

Granted, the consulting industry was the worst cultprit when it came to spin. And with business’s new focus on transparency and accountability, this new positioning was inevitable. From what I can tell the 10-month project was driven by the company, for the company (and their industry), and the jargon database it pulls from was populated by their own consultants (who better). Additonally, the tool has been used to evaluate a number of companies, with the understanding (and validation) that a company’s clarity of communication is equated with financial performance. So it becomes a nice little consulting product in itself.

So great to see something done so well!

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